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Service support
Service support

Hebei Xingsheng Communication Technology Co., Ltd. provides cabinet design, production and installation. After commissioning and installation, Xingsheng provides the following services during the warranty period:

Under normal conditions of use, the warranty period of the products installed by Xingsheng is one year, and the warranty period is calculated from the date of installation.



Operational guarantee

Technical service guarantee Provide 7×12 hours technical support. The solution function is free for users without additional payment.



Technical Advisory Services

For technical consulting services, within 5 normal working days (5×8 hours) statutory by the country, Xingsheng Company will provide customers with technical support services related to this system by telephone in a timely manner. For customers who require technical services at other times, Xingsheng Company Guaranteed response within 2 hours.



Fault handling response service

Fault handling response service In daily use, if the product fails, the company shall solve it in time. When necessary, Xingsheng company sends technicians to the scene to provide technical services.



Upgrade warranty service

If the customer needs Party B to visit the site in person in an emergency during the use of the system, Party B promises to send a technician to the site within 24 hours during working hours.



Migration service

If the hardware equipment of the users of the upgraded warranty service is upgraded and replaced, Xingsheng will migrate the products to the updated equipment for free.

Address: Xiaoxuzhuang Industrial Zone, Zhouguantun Town, Qing County, Cangzhou City, Hebei Province

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Production manager:+86-18303293456(Li Xing)

Sales Manager:+86-18733003099(Liu Wei)


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